Your Job Sucks

Work is hard. You’ve been trained your whole life to suck it up and do work. Work brings pain, work equals pain, work IS pain.



People have been telling you to work — and it’s been beating you down ever since.

When we were kids, we had the idea that “work” and “fun” are different. We gleefully play in the yard — and we had fun! Then those fun-hating creatures we call adults, call us in to bath, tell us to clean our rooms, do our homework, etc. — and that is work! And work is NOT fun.


When we were kids, we see the world divided into two groups — grownups and kids.


Grownups are the “cursed race.” They force themselves to do what they hate — work. While kids are the “fun race.” They dedicate their entire time doing things they love — fun.


But kids aren’t allowed too much fun either. Grownups make kids go through schools. And school is the infant version of work. School prepares us for the eventual real work. So that only amplifies their beliefs that work  is not fun.


That’s how you hear so many kids say “I don’t ever want to grow up!” They don’t want responsibilities because they see your tired, weary faces. You hate responsibilities, but you have to do it anyway. And it shows in your face, and kids see that. They’re afraid of work. They’re afraid to become one of you — one of the “cursed race.”


School shouldn’t be bad. But teachers, who were once kids themselves, have also been trained to believe that work is NOT fun. They teach all the mind boggling algebra, physics, chemistry — and they teach it like “work!”

It’s not supposed to be fun, that’s why it’s called “work.”


This solidified that work is pain and they dread the day they get old enough to start working.


I’m not saying that kids are left to do whatever they want. School is good, learning is good — but don’t overwork them. Or else, they’ll dread the idea of working. School is 40 hours a week? And gym time is three hours a week? You get the idea.


Why force the kids to read a big, boring algebra book when they can play ball in the gym?


Kids should be allowed “sufficient fun time” too. They learn more about the things they love to do rather than things “you force” them to do. After they memorized the answers to their upcoming exams, they forget it immediately right afterwards. More like “erase” them. Somehow, someway (deep in their subconscious) they despise the fact the you and the teachers “forced” them to take that exam.



The oxymoron of work and fun.


I told my dad I wanted to be an engineer, just like him, when I grow up. He smiled and told me “I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grow up.”

But then I realized, that doesn’t make any sense! To be what we want to be, it takes ridiculous amount of work!

Society taught us that “work is pain,” but suck it up and take pain like they have.

“We went through pain, so should you.” – Adults


Society taught us, that once we grow up, we should start taking life more seriously. That means the “end of fun” and the start of pain work.


Fun and work are different. Fun and work are two different things — or so we were taught.


Now we’re adults, it’s time for us to make a living. What should we do? Are we cursed to live the “cursed adult life?” Because if we start working, that means it’s the end fun. So what should we do?

So that goes in the oxymoron of “working on things you love is fun.” First off, “working” and “fun” can’t be in the same sentence — can it?


The “adults” have unconsciously taught us that work and fun are two separate things — and all work is NOT fun. That’s why we stopped (or forgotten) to do things we love. And find work with the biggest pay instead. That’s how we were trained — even if we didn’t like it. It’s not supposed to be fun, remember?



The faces of lies.


The biggest liars are the parents — even if they don’t realize it. If you take a depressing job, to provide a good living for your family — you program your kids with the idea that work is boring. Everyday, when you get home, your family sees your sad little face — tired from work. The kids take that as the “miserable face of the cursed race” — and kids never want to grow up.


It went to a point where we can’t quit because our jobs because it “pays the bills.” Then it actually came to the cursed point when we’re just trying to make a living. The work is boring, but the pay is good.


But we have to deprogram that. We have to delete those bad ideas from our minds. Work CAN be fun.



Work CAN be fun!


The day I quit my company… the day I said “screw it! I’m gonna do something fun for a change!” – was the day I started “living” again.


I quit a “nice enough paying job” and started doing freelance web development. You know what happened? The pay sucked. It sucked big time! I had to borrow money to pay rent.

But you know what else? It was fun. I liked it. I loved it. I actually got to a point where I could do decent web developing and decent writing to actually make a living. Life was good!


“Work can be fun” – we have to program ourselves that. We have to forget everything the adults taught us… We have to find ourselves — again. We have to teach ourselves, that work can be fun.

When we do what we truly love, then work will be fun.


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  • Glori Surban

    I’ll be quitting my job soon too… hehe… I’m excited… The pay will also probably suck with freelance writing, but what the heck, I don’t want to have regrets…

    • Dave

      Lol. This article is old. I can’t believe it still made sense :D

      Good luck with your future endeavors. You are young, experiment with life as much as you can, do a lot of trial-and-errors, learn, and you’ll be wayyy ahead of your peers. :)

      • Glori | Crazy Introvert

        Dave! I had to contact you through this comment.. Can’t seem to send it through wp email.
        Anyway… I’m interested in that gig you mentioned.
        You can contact me through this link…